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When you call us, you get a REAL person with a genuine goal to help you solve your problems & find what you’re looking for!

The "Re-Invented" Process

We have taken a hammer to the traditional buying and selling process that makes banks the most money, and offer options that make everyone involved more money, without all the extra middlemen.. now that makes more sense!  Up to 45% in savings!*

We're Here To Help You

What Are You Looking For?


Sell your house, land, or business for CASH or other options in less time


Buy some seriously deeply discounted deals on properties in your area


Rentals and Rent-to-Own options are available to help our clients


Property Management available by experienced teams that we will share with you


You get paid weekly for submitting addresses if we use them in a deal

Sell With Us

  • Save up to 6% - No Realtor Fees

  • No Repairs Required - Save $$$

  • Save Money - No Selling Costs

  • Your Problems Solved Quickly

  • No Repeated Showings or Listings

  • Your Phone Only Rings Once

  • No Stress - No Stress - No Stress

Sell the Old Way

  • Spend up to 6% on Realtor Fees

  • Repair, Replace, and Fix Everything

  • Pay Fees and Sales Costs $$$

  • Possibly Months of Uncertainty

  • Start Baking Cookies for your Guests

  • Ring, Ring, Ring... Get Used to This

  • Try Not to Lose Any Hair in the Process

Who We Are

About Us

We buy, sell, rent, manage, and solve problems with properties all over the country!

Our team has all the tools, networks, and teams to manage a property without all the traditional hassle.   Let’s get digital.  

Let PropertyHIVE Solve Your Problems

Our team has the experience and knowledge to structure deals that benefit a buyer and seller in several other ways than traditionally. 

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